A Statement Of Purpose


My name is Jaejun, and at the time of writing I’m heading into my sophomore year of high school. Here’s a short introduction to start off my blog:

I’ve always been interested in the world of capitalism and economic theory, but understanding the intricacies of market behavior was somewhat of a daunting task for me. Then I watched an episode of Shark Tank, and my life was transformed forever. For the unaware, Shark Tank is an ABC reality TV program centered around “sharks” (extremely rich investors) who negotiate investment deals with various companies that enter the show and give a spiel on why they deserve to be invested in.

Not only was Shark Tank extremely entertaining (I went through 5 seasons in 2 weeks), but it exposed me to the world of venture capitalism. Even with the bare minimum of financial expertise, I found myself analyzing the deals that were brokered and wondering which party ended up with the better part of the deal. And the more I became engrossed in the world of investments, capital, and innovation, I found myself becoming legitimately interested in venture capitalism not just as a form of entertainment on TV, but as an actual practice.

This blog will serve as a medium of sorts to document my own progress in the field of venture capitalism, and also will be a baseline to build and extend my knowledge on it as well. I also plan to pursue this interest outside of this blog as well; for instance, I’ve  recently heard of this VC program sponsored by MIT dubbed MIT Launch, and will be working to implement it as an official club at my school in the future. For now, I hope that this brief introduction was helpful, and expect more posts to come soon.