What Aspiring VCs Should Read to be Current on Industry News

For interviewing and networking, venture capitalists want to be current on industry news. There are many relevant sites and newsletter. However, the following are the common highlights that VCs read every day:
Mattermark Daily
If you’re a VC or a founder, you should read the Mattermark Daily. The site provides an in-depth look at the latest content from leaders in venture capital and start-ups. The site includes articles about fund management, tactics for giving back, managing LPs, diversity, metric measurement changes, is a great board member, explorations into new technologies and industries, and much more.
StrictlyVC provides a summary of VC happenings, from new firms to funding events to occasional juicy scandals. If you want to keep track of the personalities and companies that will shape the venture capital industry in the months and years to come, visit this site frequently.
In addition to being databases of companies and deals, Crunchbase sends an informative daily summary of start-up funding activity. This site is the destination for discovering industries trends and investments, learning about companies, and finding news about thousands of private and public companies globally.
Other sites that VCs visit are CB Insights and ProductHunt. CB Insights concentration on deep dives and cross-industry data while ProductHunt provides a daily list of new products with a very active community commenting.


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