What Should You Look for in a VC?

Venture capitalists get paid well regardless of how well they perform. Despite the shortcoming of venture capitalists, they represent the most appealing and glamorous form of financing to many entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur looking for capital, what should you look for in venture capitalists?
It is important to know the people or organizations that the VC know, work, invest or travel with. Relationship pedigrees that include successful entrepreneurial testimonials, major law firms, and happy institutional investors are very important.
Professional integrity
Calibrating the ethics and integrity that define your venture capital firm is very important. There are always going to the untrustworthy and unethical people carrying out business in the world. Do background research about venture capitalist firms. Do they have any history of unprofessional behavior? The research could save your company from expensive legal trouble or an embarrassing scandal in the future.
Knowledge of Industry
Almost all VC firms have their area of expertise. For example, Tandon Group specializes in the consumer, defense, healthcare, EMS, and IT industries. A venture capitalist firm may specialize in industries such as cryptocurrency, or fintech. Knowledge of the industry is the starting point for finding an ideal VC partner.


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