The University Venture Fund: The Largest Student-run Venture Capital

With $18.1 million under management, the University Venture Fund (UVF) is the world’s largest student-run venture capital. UVF is a fund generalist with students from the University of Utah, Westminster College, Wharton School of Business and Brigham Young University. The fund has invested in around 18 companies with three exists and is continuing to look for new opportunities. UVF does not only invest in startup companies but also conducts value add projects for its portfolio companies.
Formed in 2001, UVF was the first experiential student venture fund in the United States. Supported by investors like Tim Draper, Geoff Wolley, and James Lee Sorenson and managed by professionals like Peter Harris Jared Hutchens, and Tom Stringham, UVF has proven the model that students can execute alongside industry top investors.
At UVF, best students come together to run a bona fide investment fund, doing what students do best—debate and research on investment deals that make a social impact.
UVF hosts an annual University Private Equity Summit. The event allows top VCs and investment experts to offer best practices and wisdom to about 300 attendees. Some of the speakers in the past events are Jeremy Andrus of SkullCandy and David Hornick of August Capital.
These Utah College Students Have Millions Of Dollars To Invest In Your Startup


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