3 Key Tools of Modern Venture Capitalists

Investors are not known for using the most advanced tools out there. But there is a new generation of tools that enable venture capitalists to take the game to a new level. Start-ups are disrupting how ventures capitalists are doing business, just as they have changed every other industry.
Big data Provider
Big data is changing the world of venture capitalist as much as any other industry. Big data providers pull together a wealth of information from social media, SEC filings, and the company’s proprietary Start-up Index. To keep up with venture capital business, having the right data provider is becoming a necessity.
Contact management software
Most venture capitalists’ time is spent on communications. Venture capitalists who have control over their communications, handle their work load efficiently. A good contact management software is key to that process. A tool like RelateIQ automates as much communication as possible; pulling almost all investor’s communications into one place and making sure that they’re reminded to take appropriate actions
Project management software
While communications make up the lion’s share of venture capitalists’ day, they probably have many other projects they need to work on. Venture capitalists have many different projects such as giving speeches or writing blog posts. A VC needs a particularly robust option.


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