Personality Traits that Venture Capitalist Want in an Entrepreneur

Last week, one of my friends asked me the kind of personality traits venture capitalists look for in entrepreneurs. Based on my observations over the year of meeting both venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, I have maintained a mental list. Three traits that venture capitalist are looking in entrepreneurs are:
Venture capitalists always look for tenacious entrepreneurs. Tenacity comes up as one of the most critical ingredients to realizing success in entrepreneurship. Venture capital firms such as ENIAC Ventures look for the ability of the founders to break through walls. Start-ups have many ups and downs, and entrepreneurs must overcome every challenge.
Clarity of thought
A straight line between a solution and a problem shows a mastery of information that presents a person as an entrepreneur who knows his or her stuff. Venture capitalist wants entrepreneurs who understand their industry and entrepreneurship in general.
Venture capitalist evaluates why an entrepreneur is interested in solving a particular problem. Some VCs like funding entrepreneurs who are trying to solve personal problems. The conviction to find a solution for a particular problem is stronger when an entrepreneur is passionate about it.


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