Venture Capital Books That You Should Read

It is imperative to have the right kind of funding in order to put your ideas into action. Venture capital support startups by providing much-needed capital. For those interested, the following books offer good insights into the exciting world of start-ups and VCs:

The Art of Startup Fundraising by Alejandro Cremades

This book mainly deals with online sources of funding for startup businesses. It gives guidelines on how to identify the appropriate investor, depending on the kind of business one is planning to venture into. It also enlightens the entrepreneur on aspects of digital fundraising.

Introduction to Private Equity by Mahendra Ramsinghani

This is a book deals with the theoretical perspective of venture capital and its application. It also captures findings from interviews carried out on experts. It is a recommended reference work for professionals and amateurs

Venture Deals by Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson & Dick Costolo

This book enlightens entrepreneurs by explaining what venture capital is all about and what strategies they should put in place in order to access funds. The book also help entrepreneurs to avoid the common mistakes committed during the startup business stage.

Venture Capital for Dummies by Nicole Gravagna & Peter K. Adams

This is a book explains the terms used in venture capital. It also enlightens the readers on t venture capital and startup. The book offers a wealth of information on VC, startup funding and terms used in the venture capital term sheet and valuations.



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