Ideal Profiles for VC

There is no “perfect profile” for venture capital jobs because venture capital firms themselves are very different. This makes it difficult for individuals to know if they would be attractive to these firms. However, there are a few characteristics that provide an idea of a person chances:

Academic background

It is obvious that many venture capital deals occur in the technology field. Therefore, individuals who studied computer science, biotechnology, engineering, and other technology-related fields have better chances of working in VC firms. Marketing studies are also useful to some degree, but not common as a science background. Finance/ Business/ Accounting are only popular at large VC firms.

Professional Background

An ideal profile for venture capital should include professional background. Although the requirements of VC firms vary, the most popular backgrounds are engineering, product development, research, sales or operational experience, and entrepreneurs with experience launching. Although useful, investment banking and strategy consulting experiences are not very popular professional work experiences.


Personalities are the key differentiating factor. The VCs look for an entrepreneurial drive (a curious personality), great communication skills, raw intelligence (the ability to asses interesting opportunities fast) and charisma (an ability to convince other people to work with you.



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