Looking for a Job in a Venture Capital Firm: Three Interview Questions

Interviews at VC firms are more informal than those at private equity firms or investment banks. The questions are more oriented toward fitness and motivation, and less technical. However, although these interviews appear like chats between two people, they aren’t easier. The following three interview questions will give you an idea of what to expect if you are invited for an interview in a venture capital firm.

Why do you want a job in VC firm?

Before you go for the interview, make sure you are prepared to answer this question. This question is mostly the opening question in almost all interviews. Some of the reasons why you might be interested in venture capital include the love of the technology, enjoying communication with interesting individuals, excitement of investing in companies, chasing the next Google and the thrill of looking at new ideas.

Why are you interested in our firm?

Research about the VC firm– find out how the company is unique and how it uniqueness matches your ambitions and skills. You can mention the great investment the company has made, friends’ recommendations, any favourable press articles, a specific focus they have, the company track record, etc.

What is happening in the venture capital industry at the moment?

Ensure you read press release articles that provide the key sector trends. The interviewer wants you to clearly articulate the main drivers of a specific sector. Use clear statistics and facts to explain what is happening. You don’t need to be an expert in the venture capital industry, but you should be aware of the big trends.





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