How to be a Venture Capitalist Without Any Capital

Many people want to be venture capitalists. Unfortunately, there are very few venture capitalists jobs available in any given year. If you really want to be a venture capitalist, I will advise you to get started. You can have a VC job without capital. You don’t need specific qualifications on your CV. If you want to be a VC, perform the following tasks:

Source Deals

Looking for entrepreneurs at the earliest stage is a very important skill. One method of sourcing deals is to find meetups for developing technologies and identify the most industrious and interesting attendees. If you come across these people, you’re on your way to your first investment.

Be diligent

Another key aspect of the venture capitalist job is doing due diligence. You should be able to look into the founders’ background to see if they’re honest and credible. It also means understanding the specific industry, getting feedbacks from opinion leaders, calling potential customers, working out financial models and predicting how the market will develop.


Once you have sufficient evidence to suggest that the business will succeed, hammer out finances. How much money is needed?


Money will always chase opportunity. Find compelling companies and explain why a certain market is attractive. Let them know why a particular start-up is likely to dominate the market. There will be many angels willing to cut a check.


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